Costul Crizei: 2,800,000,000,000$.

octombrie 28, 2008 0

 Puteti citi despre costul crizei aici:

The Bank of England may have put the paper cost of the global crisis at a staggering $2.8 trillion, but how does one come to grips with such a sum? Think of it like this: it could pay for 46 bail-outs of the kind the Treasury handed to the banks RBS, HBOS group and Lloyds TSB; or pay off the last quarter’s public debt 45 times. It is more than three times the sum of UK annual public spending, and also equivalent to the wealth of 100 Oleg Deripaskas – before the credit crunch anyway. It’s equal to 138m bottles of 1947 Petrus Pomerol, the bankers’ favourite vintage; or, if it’s your turn in the coffee round, 773bn lattes – nearly 13,000 each for every UK citizen.

E misto si materialul din Salon despre o carte a nou a lui Margaret Atwood.

„When I was young and simple,” she writes, „I thought the nineteenth-century novel was driven by love; but now, in my more complicated years, I see that it’s also driven by money, which indeed holds a more central place in it than love does, no matter how much the virtues of love may be waved idealistically aloft.”

O sa revin cu observatia asta in literatura romana: de la Dinu Paturica incoace, finantele au atirnat greu literar. asta pina in comunism cind banii au disparut. si a aparut trocul..

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