Health for Basescu. How well do you live?

octombrie 27, 2008 0

Today,a new report was published. The full 123 pages you can download here (only in Romanian). It is about the state of the health system, about how sick are the Romanians, about how stupid the rulers were before and about the decisions we have to take.
The problems are the same that those who are in opposition can see, but that those in power ignore them since 1989. As, and the Presidential Commission proposals are of good sense and logical, and very often are supported by practical examples about how to put into practice.
The report is long. In short, however, I never realized if there is any branch of Health in which it is not necessary changes, in the opinion of the Commission. And this is exactly the problem with reform in health. Must be done on the go. Can not do the right and let me fix it from A to Z. That means time, it means more money, is to test patience of people who gathered at various personal negative experiences related to hospitals and doctors.
Commission recommendations may be easy to counter former ministers of Health, who will say, perhaps: but we did that …. that has not worked, is not our fault …. Or will you opposed, you who criticized us now!
Here is but a quote from the report that we should put the thoughts. But he will be put in the shade of polemics like the one above:
„Referring to the avoidable mortality, ie those diseases that can be treated by a health-care system running, statistics placed Romania in a situation even more difficult: nearly half of deaths in men and over one third of the women could be avoided (Health Status and Living Conditions in an enlarged Europe, Monitoring Report prepared by the European Observatory on the Social Situation – Health Status and Living Conditions Network, European Commission, Directorate-General „Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities”, 2006) .
In other words, because of the health system’s failings more than 60,000 people die in Romania each year, as much as the population equivalent of a city the size or Slobozia or Giurgiu.
A major failing has this report. Unfortunately though, I do not see what could have been avoided: there is no priority measures to be taken. And when you fix a car while she goes, you need a list of priorities.

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