The economic crisis of the holly bones

octombrie 28, 2008 0

Trouble hit the sacred. In time, the bones of saints were worn. Ten years ago has gone a femur, then a hand to dust. And they started to lose the smell. And nobody knows when the mortalls will grab them again and kiss them sweet. The economic crisis in the bones of saints was seen in Bucharest, when the faithful of all ages have started the war and trampled each other to touch what was left of the cadaver considered to protect the Capital of Romania. Without shame, the elderly took the fight on the elderly, adults desperate that they will not have luck in life have stepped on crippled which hoped to regain their strength.
Everything looked like a medieval scene in which servants are fighting over what was left of their master’s dinner. And this metaphor is not far from the truth. Those people who have behaved like hooligans of the church, are the kind of people for which the only food available is hope and divine miracle. In this world, where state and church are separated, their fate is tragic. And their crisis will not go away as easily as the economic one.

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