The war with each other. The Romanian way

octombrie 29, 2008 0

President Traian Basescu of Romania provided politics with a method performed by students in schools. When you find out about a compromising fact, he runs to the teacher to bring her to the knowledge of the facts. The teacher is public opinion. That happened to the note written by Calin Popescu Tariceanu, the prime minister that we asked the president to intervene in the process of justice. That happened to the business of the Romanian crappy cars bought with 70,000 euros apiece. And just like that happened to the two laws that increase the salaries of public employees in health system and other employees of the state system. Basescu says now that Tariceanu does not want to increase teacher salaries, but wants to increase those of the doctors. From the viewpoint of the president, the movement is correct. He creates image problems to his rival. Only in terms of doctors and teachers, Traian Basescu’s statements led virtually to the beginning of a war between two liberal professions. The doctors’ problems are not the teachers. And neither doctors are the problems of the teachers. Both teachers and doctors alike have to face millions of retired people, hundreds of churches built with money from the government, kilometers of crappy asphalt road, etc …. They eat the money for their salaries. And against them should speak Basescu too. But then, not only Tariceanu’s image would be left suffering.

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