Traian Basescu: dictatorship failed

octombrie 28, 2008 0

Between Nicolae Ceausescu and Traian Basescu there are two similarities. After 1989, an avalanche of information on the former dictator has smothered down public opinion. Thus, truth and lie mixed together and the quantity of information became the only relevant argument to the public. Now, liberals and social democrats try to make a scapegoat of Traian Basescu, because he does not correct their own mistakes. Mistakes that make Romania to plunge in economic crisis, as they argue. The political speech is held alike in this regard, and the PNL and PSD forget that they started the increasing wages debate, and the increasing pensions one too.
A second similaritie is the way in which Basescu promised to increase salaries of doctors, although he doaes not have any constitutional powers in this respect. As in 1989, when Nicolae Ceausescu promised, in front of an angry crowd, that he will higher wages.
There is a huge difference between the two characters, which makes the similarities above to be made only at a theoretical level. Ceausescu was a desperate man when announcing wage increase and was already dead when the Romanians heard the truths and lies about him. Basescu is no desperate and is very full of life.
Therefore, his gestures should be seen as insurance in advance required from the future government of Romania, so that before the presidential elections of 2009, voters to be happy. And if the future government will not agree to the proposals made by the president and the electorate will be dissatisfied, still Basescu will win. Because he will play again the card „I wanted, but they don’t want to!”. He will benefit from the presumption of innocence. Basescu is not a dictator. And his latest political moves confirm this. Basescu is just smarter than its competitors.

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