McCain: advance of 20 million USD from Obama.

noiembrie 2, 2008 0

I received this e-mail after I registered on the website of Obama. Not that I like him in particular, but because I heard about the way in which he raises money from its fans.
A gentleman, which recommends Chief Financial Officer says McCain has 20 million dollars more than Obama and he might win if he will use this money to influence the way in which Americans will vote ….
I tried an exercise on how a similar attitude would look in Romania.
„I am T.B. and I am writting to you because A.N. has 12 million euros more than me and he might win the elections. Make a donation of 100 euro now! ”
„I am A.N. and I am writting to you because authorized sources have confirmed to me that TB won in recent years 50 million euro, which he is prepared to use in the campaign. I do not have so much money. Make a donation of two hundred euros, so I can go where  TB was. ”
Would anyobody give them a dime?
Razvan –
I’m the Chief Financial Officer for Barack Obama’s campaign. I track the donations coming in and the expenses going out.
I asked for the opportunity to write to you directly so that I could try to explain what’s happening right now.
This weekend the McCain campaign said they would outspend us by $10 million in the final days. This is on top of recent news that, as of October 15th, our opponents had $20 million more in the bank than our campaign and the DNC combined.
We knew the McCain campaign was saving its resources for a last-minute blitz, and now we know just how much they’ll pour into it.
No matter what, we need to match what our opponents are spending in the final stretch. We can’t slow down between now and Election Day.
If you give today – any amount – you could be one of 5 first-time donors who will have a front row seat for the big Election Night event in Chicago with Barack.

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